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Black lacquered Finish
Black Interior
LED Lights Interior
Door Sensor
Individual Motor TPD Setting 650-1000
Revamp of the classic model
More Compact
Gear Like Turntable which create a uniform winding
2 x D Batteries operated with 3V Adaptor provovided
Extra Spongy Pillow Holder for XS and XL Watches


For people who do not wear their automatic or self winding watch every day, or have more than 1, watch winders are available to store automatic watches and keep them wound. This is particularly advantageous if the watch had complex or perpetual calendars or moon phases. A watch winder is a device that can hold watches and moves them in circular patterns to approximate the human motion that otherwise keeps the self-winding mechanism working. An automatic self winding watch should be kept wound and running as much as possible to prevent its lubricants from congealing over time, which diminishes accuracy. This unit winds 4 watches at a time, and runs on batteries( 2 x D size & AC adapter, it also provides storage for 5 other watches, exterior is of piano painted wood, interior is lined with soft PVC and see through window tempted glass. This watch winder has individual TPD and directions settings.

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Fantastic bit of kit and very elegant. Absolutely silent in operation and does exactly what it says on the tin. Couldn't recommend it more.

RACH LEE, 7/16/2019

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bought it for my parents & they love it. Very well built

Cheuk, 4/13/2019

Worth the money

The knobs are much easier to set than having to 'program' each winder separately. In addition, the knobs retain their selection in the event of a power failure. On my old unit, all settings would be lost when the power went out. And since there is no indication that the unit was running, I did not know I had lost power until my watches stopped running. Then I had to reset every watch and re-program the winder - ugh.

Bottom line, this winder is absolutely worth the money.

Pedro Pimentel , 7/2/2018

Like the ease of control

Very high quality product. I thought my previous watch winder was quiet, but there is a big difference between quiet and silent. This winder is silent. I also like the ease of setting the controls.

Zad Zainel, 7/2/2018

Wood is beautiful

Unbelievable craftsmanship. The watches wind so quietly, they can be put next to you in bed

Jeffrey Loon, 7/2/2018

So quiet

This winder is excellent and works as advertised absolutely silent... I think the Red October is louder than this winder as it keeps my collection ready to go next to my bed..... I think a TV in Standby mode makes more noise.

Cris Mertens, 7/2/2018


It really is whisper quiet. I have it in my bedroom and it doesn't make a sound.
There are two chrome control knobs per winder for selecting the required rotation programs and all include varying rest periods depending on your watch.

It comes with a key to lock it and a little buffing cloth to keep everything dust free. Fantastic piece of kit.

Shawn, 5/6/2017


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